Tundra Creatures

These sterling silver stunning, pieces highlight the endangered species including man, who all of which will survive if we can save their home. All the pieces have a little Swarovski diamante to add a tiny sparkle. This collection has been created for casual fun.

  • Polar Bear Pendant Necklace
    Price: $125.00

  • Large Inuksuk Pendant Necklace
    Price: $125.00

  • Small Polar Bear Pendant

  • Small Inuksuk Pendant

  • Leather - Large Polar Bear Pendant

  • Leather - Large Inuksuk Pendant

  • Leather - Small Polar Bear Pendant

  • Leather - Small Inuksuk Pendant

  • Polar Bear Earrings
    Price: $64.00

  • Inuksuk Earrings
    Price: $64.00

  • Long Polar Bear Earrings
    Price: $66.00

  • Long Inuksuk Earrings
    Price: $66.00