This collection is edgy and sexy. Each AA grade icicle has its own individual beauty and this particular shape is said to have great metaphysical and healing abilities. Along with our signature closure and sterling silver and Swarovski rhinestones these pieces are spectacular to look at and even more exhilarating to wear.

  • Icicle Bracelet

  • Tundra Icicle Bracelet

  • Earring - Simple
    Price: $45.00

  • Earring - Circle
    Price: $44.00

  • Chain Earrings
    Price: $74.00

  • Icicle Choker
    Price: $159.00

  • Icicle Front Closure Necklace
    Price: $115.00

  • Long Necklace
    Price: $89.00

Northern Lights

If you love bling then this is the collection for you. Made with Swarovski Rhinestones and Crystals on a sterling silver chain, this whole collection shines like the Aurora Borealis on a clear night.

  • Ice Cube Bracelet - Dainty

  • Ice Cube Bracelet - Diva

  • Northern Lights Stacker Bracelet

  • Diva Charm Bracelet

  • Simplicity Bracelet

  • Asymmetrical Necklace - Diva
    Price: $155.00

  • Asymmetrical Necklace - Dainty
    Price: $135.00

Polar Ice

This is the first of the whole collection and it will always have a special place in my heart. This was the inspiration for the rest of the collections. The raw beauty of the life giving icebergs captured in a stone is that is the diamond of the Arctic. Set off by the handcrafted trademark Polar Bear closure and accents of Swarovski Crystal these pieces glow from the inside out.

  • Arctic Circle Bracelet

  • Ice Cube Bracelet

  • Single Dangle Bracelet

  • Polar Ice Earring

  • Graduated Cube Tundra Necklace
    Price: $179.00

  • Single with Polar Bear Closure
    Price: $159.00

  • Polar Ice Single With Leather
    Price: $69.00

  • Polar Ice Single with Chain

  • Asymmetrical Necklace
    Price: $159.00

Tundra Creatures

These sterling silver stunning, pieces highlight the endangered species including man, who all of which will survive if we can save their home. All the pieces have a little Swarovski diamante to add a tiny sparkle. This collection has been created for casual fun.

  • Polar Bear Pendant Necklace
    Price: $125.00

  • Large Inuksuk Pendant Necklace
    Price: $125.00

  • Small Polar Bear Pendant

  • Small Inuksuk Pendant

  • Leather - Large Polar Bear Pendant

  • Leather - Large Inuksuk Pendant

  • Leather - Small Polar Bear Pendant

  • Leather - Small Inuksuk Pendant

  • Polar Bear Earrings
    Price: $64.00

  • Inuksuk Earrings
    Price: $64.00

  • Long Polar Bear Earrings
    Price: $66.00

  • Long Inuksuk Earrings
    Price: $66.00