Figure changing jewelry

Jewelry is the oldest form of human adornment and for millennia humans have been trying to pretty themselves up. However, did you know jewelry can not only make you feel prettier and pull an outfit together, but it can make you look taller and thinner. Ok, perhaps it won’t turn you into a six foot supermodel, but it really can be figure enhancing. 

If you have a shorter or chubbier neck, avoid wearing chokers and collars. Instead try pieces that hang in a V and not close to the neckline, like the Polar Ice Asymmetrical Necklace Davina is wearing in the second pic. If you have a long neck shorter necklaces such as the Polar Ice Tassel Necklace can be incredibly flattering.

Our lovely model has no major (and few minor) Figure flaws ( I don’t like her either), but her neck is a bit short. If you compare the two photos you’ll notice how in the second photo her neck appears longer and slimmer than it does in the first photo. We achieved this by simply giving her a necklace that was a little longer with a deeper V.

Not having the best hair or face day try wearing a longer necklace with a low focal point, such as the Arctic Ice Jewels Northern Lights Lariat. This is to take the eye away from the area that you don’t want to highlight. Note in the photo below that when you look your eye naturally goes to the focal of the necklace as apposed to her upper body. The same philosophy works in reverse as well. If your feeling bloated try keeping your jewelry shorter and interesting so the attention is detracted from the offending area.

So play with your jewelry and start taking note, just like you do with your clothes. Be critical and maybe involve a trusted friend who will tell you the truth. Have fun and play with what you have and then next time you are purchasing a new piece you will be armed with the the knowledge of what styles suit you.